Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Pajama Dress Code

I want to start off by saying that there is no set dress code for an Army wife.  Lately I have noticed a lot of wives here on Schofield Barracks that have set a standard dress code.  The standard dress code consist of wearing pajamas, messy hair, bare feet, and saggy boobies.  I have seen with my own eyes wives at the Commissary, PX, Walmart, standing at the bus stop, and walking their children to school  in PAJAMAS!  The sad thing is at the end of the day when the children are being picked up from school or the bus stop the women are still in their pajamas.


I know how it feels having to wake up early to get your child ready and off to school.  Personally I would not be able to roll out of the bed to take my child to school or run errands.  My routine would be based off of what I had planned for the day.  If my day consisted of me working out and staying at home then I would shower, dress in work out clothes,  comb my hair, and brush my teeth.   For days that I needed to go out and run errand I would shower, comb my hair, brush my teeth, apply makeup, and put on a cute outfit.  If I am staying at home or going out to run errands I make time to put myself together.
I don't understand why a person would want to go out in public in their pajamas and not take the time to put themselves together.  For myself wearing pajamas in public isn't apart of my dress code.  I recall only one time during an emergency that I went to the shoppette in my pajamas.  I was woken up early in the morning by a friend notifying me that there was a tsunami warning.  I was panicking because I needed to go to the shoppette and get food and water in case the tsunami struck.  At this point being that it was early in the morning I didn't care who seen me because I needed to get supplies.  So I made sure my teeth was brushed, hair combed and I headed out the door in my pajamas on a mission to get food and water.  When I arrived to the shoppette almost everyone in line was in their pajamas except for those who just strolled in from a night full of partying.  Did I feel bad or embarrassed? The answer is no because at that point my mission was to obtain food and water in the early morning.

As women we should take the time each day to make ourselves look and feel good.  It doesn't take long or much to get up each morning  to shower, comb our hair, brush our teeth, and put on shoes and clothes.  I know there are days when we are feeling down and want to stay in our pajamas.  But to live in your pajamas all day and go out in public is unacceptable.  Not only do we represent ourselves but we are also representing our Soldiers and children.

Me getting ready to go run errands.

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